4 Gifts for Him

Allie Murphy

Men have the pick of the litter when choosing the perfect gift for the special woman in their life. However, it can be a bit more of a challenge to find a great gift for him – one that’s romantic, useful, beautiful and guaranteed to knock his socks off.

But the truth is that even men love getting nice things, so instead of giving him yet another tie or power tool this Father's Day, opt for something special from our collection of sophisticated accessories for your favorite gent. 


The jewelry staple men revel and admire on others. It's a timeless, discreet, masculine piece of jewelry that holds memories and stories like a woman's jewelry box items. Make this anniversary or birthday one to remember with a watch that becomes a conversation piece and a family heirloom. Whether it's a casual watch for everyday wear or a high-end piece that he’ll wear when dressing to impress, a watch appeals to men the same way diamonds call to women.

Cuff Links

Sure, your man can simply close the cuffs of his dress shirts with the ordinary buttons that came on the shirt, but he’s not ordinary, is he?  Men have relatively few opportunities to truly individualize their looks, so unique cuff links are a great way for him to set himself apart.

Similar to the way women accessorize with earrings, cuff links are perfect for any occasion, whether he's business casual or dressed to the nines. Depending on his style, you can get them engraved with his initials, choose an eye-catching gem, or go with a simple shape in classic silver or gold.


Thought diamond rings were only for the ladies? There's a wide range of masculine rings for men. Usually, guys stick with a simple band style with stones that are inlaid rather than standing out. Simplicity is the key here. Did he ever get a class ring when he was in high school or college? Chances are it isn't as blingy as yours, and it's a discreet design. Pick something with a solid color that's durable enough to stand the test of time.

Desk Accessories

If your man spends a lot of time behind his desk at work, you’d be wise to get him something understated but elegant for the office.  Though in our digital age, we don’t put pen to paper often, it’s nice to have a truly quality pen when the occasion arises.  Our Mont Blanc collection has a variety of beautiful options that he’ll love having.  Otherwise, a beautiful stationary box or picture frame with a cute snapshot of the 2 of you inside would be ideal.

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