3 Creative Ways to Propose on Halloween

3 Creative Ways to Propose on Halloween
Allie Murphy

If your girlfriend happens to consider Halloween to be one of her favorite holidays, then a Halloween proposal might be the way to go! Stuck on how to do it in a festive way, while still making it romantic? Well, you’re in luck! Here are our top 3 favorite ways to propose on Halloween.

Halloween Candy

Who doesn’t love candy?! Get creative with Halloween candy and make your proposal a sweet treat! Don’t just stick with chocolate, go all out to ensure you’re proposing in true Halloween style. Here’s some ideas on how to have the perfect marriage proposal using candy:
1. Ring pops – Surprise her by getting down on one knee with a huge ring pop! Then give her the real deal – a beautiful one of a kind diamond ring from Barmakian.
2. M&Ms – Order M&Ms in Halloween colors with personalized messaging, asking her to “be mine”
3. Candy Corns – Use hundreds of candy corns to spell out “Marry Me”


Creating Jack-O-Lanterns presents a great opportunity to execute the perfect Halloween marriage proposal. Carving the words “Will you marry me?” into a bunch of huge pumpkins can really make an impact! Make it even better by carving out the perfect spot for the beautiful engagement ring to within the pumpkin. Not a master pumpkin carver? That’s okay! It’s the thought that counts and your bride to be will be impressed regardless!


If your girlfriend loves to be surprised, then wearing a costume where she doesn’t know it’s you may be the trick! Show up to your Halloween party in full costume and blend into the party as normal. Grab a bowl of candy, hide the ring box and find your beautiful bride to be. You’ll be giving her the best surprise of her life!

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