Luxury Watch Brands

Edward Bush

What Sets a Top Luxury Watch Brand Apart? 

Given that it’s possible to pick up a functioning and even somewhat stylish watch for less than $100, some balk at the high price tags of luxury watch brands like Breitling and TAG Heuer.   

People often want to know, just what it is it about a high-end watch that’s so different and makes it worth the purchase?  Are you paying for the name or do you truly get something more? 

Well, the answer is that you get much more.   


Before it’s released, years of research, design and development go into each and every model of every single high end Swiss watch brand.  This is especially true of top brands that always seek to offer new and innovative watches that have unique features, style and functions.   

When a new watch is designed, millions of dollars can sometimes be spent in the process of designing, testing and developing the timepiece until it’s deemed to be perfect and ready for market.  So when you buy one of these beautifully engineered pieces, you’re paying for a level of perfection that simply doesn’t exist in a basic, mass-produced watch with a lower price tag. 


The building blocks of Swiss made watches are always the crème de la crème.  Everything that goes into the timepiece, from each tiny spring to the velvety leather bracelet, is of the highest quality available…and the best materials don’t come cheap.  These excellent materials are also usually more delicate and require extreme attention in the manufacturing process, which means that many skilled humans are needed to build the tiny machines by hand. 

Artisan Handcrafting 

Beautiful, luxury watches are not churned out on an automated assembly line by the thousands.  Each one is handcrafted by a team of highly specialized and skilled craftsmen who each play a role in building the final product.   

Everyone, from the engineer who designs the models to the person who hand-polishes each individual part under a microscope, is trained and experienced in their craft.  One single watch can take up to a year to create from start to finish, which is worth considering when it comes to determining its value. 

Generations of Experience 

The most highly regarded watch brands are no new kids on the block – some have been perfecting the art of Swiss watchmaking for nearly 150 years.  Their founders were the expert craftsmen who set the standard for quality in the industry and even invented breakthrough designs and functions other brands use today.  Breitling, for example, was the first brand to introduce a self-winding watch to the world. 

These brands were the ones whose watches went into space, timed Olympic races and ensured synchronized battle tactics in world wars.  In 1962, astronaut John Glenn used a Heuer stopwatch on the first American flight to orbit the Earth, and the watch served as the official back-up timekeeper of the mission.  By necessity, these pieces had to be dependable in a huge variety of conditions, a quality that remains a cornerstone of the brands today. 

When you’re shopping for a car, you know that there’s a pretty big difference between a Kia and a Bentley, and that that difference is much more than just the price and the name.   

The very same goes for watches, which are available in a wide range of qualities.  But if you’re looking for the very best, come into one of our stores to peruse our beautiful collection of high end watch brands today. 


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