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9 Unique Trends in Wedding & Engagement Rings

Not all wedding and engagement rings are made equal; be creative and get inspired by some of the most beautiful and effective trends in wedding and engagement rings. From the elaborate to the simply beautiful, you can find a ring that is uniquely you!  

1. Stacked Rings 

A series of stacked rings provides you with greater versatility and choice. Mix and match the colors, styles and widths to create a look that’s truly your own. Thinner bands often lend themselves to stacking better, but a mixture of width can create a beautiful, organic effect that might suit you if your style leans more towards the boho chic. 

2. Multiple Diamonds 

At one time, a solitaire engagement ring was the norm, and the shape of the stone stone and its size and setting were the only options for a bride to be.  Those days are long gone though, and now there’s a myriad of settings that are perfect for an engagement ring.  A three diamond setting, or a central stone encircled by a halo of smaller diamonds are just a couple of beautiful ways to express your style through your ring.  

3. Colored Stones 

Take it from Kate Middleton, white diamonds are far from the only choice for your dream engagement ring.  She and many other brides have chosen to embrace gorgeous stones like sapphires, emeralds, rubies and pearls.  Whether you choose to complement the classic white diamond with other gems on the side or choose a colored stone as the main star, color can add an extra dimension and flair to your wedding or engagement ring.  

4. Diamond Encrusted Band 

Rather than keep all the diamond action at the front of your ring why not consider a ring with diamonds around its circumference? This can be achieved with a delicate pavé style, or a more spaced out and stylized pattern. The bejewelled band can be effective when looking to create a dazzling effect without going the traditional path of a central stone. 

5. Twisted Bands 

Layered, twisted and intersecting bands allow a series of simple or detailed bands to be given a distinct and delicate pattern and effect. This style can be used to symbolise love stretching throughout infinity as the design seems to loop and continue circling around the finger forever. 

6. Mix Your Metals 

The hip, unique bride does not feel the need to choose one metal alone – these days, some modern ladies are opting for engagement rings that incorporate rose gold and platinum together.  It’s certainly not a traditional choice, but it will surely set you apart from the crowd. 

7. Art Deco Design 

Perhaps we have the ladies of Downton Abbey to thank for a resurgence in the art deco movement of design.  Engagement and wedding rings inspired by this beautiful vintage style are characterized by delicate filigree, geometric shapes and a distinct antique heirloom feel. 

8. A Return to Rose 

For many years, it seemed that all brides everywhere wanted a platinum or white gold ring, but there has been a recent return to both yellow and rose gold.  Brides who opt for these pretty precious metals are generally going for a classic, vintage style that works very well with these traditional golds. 

9. Custom Designs 

What’s the very best way to get a unique look that no other bride will have?  Well, to design your own ring of course!  More and more brides are approaching jewellers with a specific, one-of-a-kind look in mind.  And when you think about the fact that this is a piece of jewelry you’ll be wearing every day for the rest of your life, it makes sense that you’d want it to fit the exact image you have in your head. 


The choices in setting are as diverse and creative as your imagination and may hold the key to choosing the right, unique piece to suit your personality and style. 




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