Do We Still Need Traditional Watches?

Edward Bush

Why Smart Watches Won't Make Timepieces Obsolete 

 It seems like everything is getting updated, digitized and electrified these days, and all the classical beauty and aesthetic of the past is being lost by the wayside. 

But there is one bastion of vintage elegance and style still in common use; the classic analogue wristwatch is still a stalwart of the well-dressed professional and style conscious person’s wardrobe.  

With the emergence of the smartwatch, however, many are wondering if we will lose the traditional timepiece in the wake of this high tech revolution, but there are still reasons to hang on to the humble (or not so humble depending on your taste) wristwatch. 

11 Reasons You Still Need a Watch 

1. No Distractions  

Don’t get swept up in all the functions of a smartwatch when you’re supposed to be getting stuff done and having real-life interactions. Nothing irritates people more that someone fiddling with their phone while they are supposed to be paying attention, so you can only imagine the level of distraction that a tiny computer on your risk comes with.  Thankfully, a classic timepiece does its job without causing distraction.  

2. Mobile Devices Suck Up Your Time 

Let’s face it, the last thing you need is another way to play Flappy Bird or Candy Crush. These games (along with dozens of other time-sucking apps) are already very accessible from your phone in your pocket, but if they are on your wrist, it will be a constant temptation. 

3. Less Noisy 

A timepiece does not need to be put on silent before you go into a big meeting, nice dinner or movie theater. Ringtones blasting out of a bag or pocket is one thing, but a device going off right in your client’s face will probably not make the best impression. 

4. Hundreds of Years of Engineering Perfection  

Smartphones and watches are recent innovations that are still being fine-tuned, whereas watchmaking is an art form perfected over centuries. Timepieces are more reliable and they won’t try to auto update at the very moment you need the time. 

5. More Aesthetically Pleasing 

Nothing says style and elegance like a classical timepiece, which allows you to look well dressed in a matter of seconds. Wonderful retro style and vintage chic are easy to achieve by just selecting the right watch.  The same can’t be said for a screen you wear on your wrist. 

6. Character  

There aren’t many avenues in corporate, business or black tie dress to express your individuality or personal style. But no matter how conventional or conservative the dress code is, you can always get away with an interesting or unusual watch that grabs attention and communicates your unique style. 

7. Timepieces Don’t Consume Data 

Avoid watch bill shock by avoiding the data consumption that accompanies a smartwatch. Every one of those extra functions may cost you, and you may not know the true cost of your new timepiece until the end of the billing cycle. 

8. Heirlooms  

Family watches get passed down through generations, but smart phones will be on the scrap heap as soon as they are considered to be outdated. Smartwatches will no doubt go the way of the smart phone and end up obsolete within just a few years, But a well-made watch can last generations. 

9. Battery Life 

Most modern watches self-wind or can be easily rebooted with a long-lasting batter.  So-called smartwatches, on the other hand, need to be frequently charged to stay operational.  Most of us already have enough devices to remember to keep charged up without adding a watch to the mix. 

10. Heat 

Smart devices tend to overheat, and while the wearable device may insulate the arm from the potential heat of the watch, there is still a risk of overheating and the damage that can happen to the device as a result. 

11. Easier to get Repaired 

Many smart watch manufacturers make it exceedingly difficult to repair their products.  In fact if you send it away to the manufacturer to be repaired, it’s likely that you will get an entirely new device back, so difficult are these devices to fix.  

But no need to worry when you have a traditional watch – take it into just about any jeweler, and you will have your very own watch back and working in no time. 

As you can see, there are so many reasons not to omit a timepiece from your wardrobe, despite all of the developments in smartwatch technology. 

With connotations of style, precision and class you really can’t overlook the look, feel and function of a classical, or contemporary traditional wristwatch. 

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