Should You Pop THE Question During the Holidays?

Allie Murphy

Deciding if a holiday engagement is right for you?

It’s that magical time of year…glittery lights everywhere, family and friend reunions, presents under the tree, champagne in every glass.  Naturally, it’s a time when hearts are warm and everything seems just a little bit more romantic.

So it also seems like the perfect time to pop the big question.  Holiday proposals are not just a rom-com cliché, but a popular tradition in real life too. 

But, before you decide to make the holidays even merrier and brighter by adding an engagement, you might want to consider a few things.   Certainly, there are good reasons to propose during this festive season, but there are also a few reasons you might want to hold off.


  • Built-In Romance

You won’t have to go to great lengths to engineer a romantic moment this time of year.  Simply standing in a dark room by a lit-up Christmas tree or under the falling snow is already a boatload of romance.  If the idea of cooking up a romantic proposal is overwhelming, this might be your answer.

  • Built-In Gift

Getting a diamond engagement ring and hearing someone say that they want to spend the rest of their life with you is pretty much the best gift anyone can ever get.  As this is generally the biggest gift-giving time of year, it lends itself naturally to the exchange of a ring and a promise.

  • Future Memories

The holidays are always a festive time, but if you get engaged now, the memory of the proposal will add even more happiness to the season in the future.  Snow and ornaments will not only remind you of past holidays but of the moment when you said, “Yes!” to the person you love.

  • In-Person Announcement

When most couples get engaged, there’s a long list of people to call afterwards to share the happy news with.  But what’s better than being able to stand up at Christmas dinner and announce it then?  That way you get to see their faces and receive actual hugs as you share the happy news face-to-face.  After all, it’s not every day that you get to see Grandma’s tears of joy as she takes in the sight of your engagement ring.


  • It Won’t Be its Own Special Occasion

Getting engaged is a pretty big deal in its own right – essentially, the day you get engaged becomes your own personal holiday.  So you may not want to steal the proposal’s thunder by combining it with another big day that already has its own celebrations

Plus, if you’re the type to celebrate the anniversary of your engagement in future years, it may be a little tough with all the holiday festivities going on.  This will be doubly true if you and your better half have children.  The occasion will be completely overshadowed by other events. 

  • Too Much Going On

Even under the best circumstances, the holidays can be pretty chaotic.  They often involve travel, big family get-togethers and a long list of to-dos.  It might even be a challenge to even find a good, peaceful moment to pop the question with so much else happening around you.  And, if you do find that time, you probably won’t be able to savor the moment as much as you would on another day. 

  • Not Private & Intimate

Most holiday time proposals involve the family.  To many, this seems like a no-brainer great idea.  But you should consider that asking someone to marry you is not necessarily something you want an audience for.  It will add unnecessary nervousness and pressure, and the presence of family and friends may get in the way of you two sharing this moment privately. 

Your family members will certainly have the best of intentions, but the bombardment of well wishes and questions about the actual wedding might not be something you want to deal with the very second the ring is on the finger. 

  • Emotions Running High

For many, the holidays are as stressful as they are joyous.  At this time of year, people’s emotions can get a bit out of whack.  As much as we love our family, sometimes they make us a little crazy.  And asking someone such a big question when they’re not feeling quite themselves could result in a less-than-ideal proposal scenario. 

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