A Watch for Every Stage of Your Career

Allie Murphy

Let’s first get something straight:  If you are a man, working in the business world, you should be wearing a nice watch to work every day.  

Why is it that this is only a requirement for men?  Well, women have lots of ways they can show their style and sophistication in the workplace.  But for men, the opportunities are few, so each one has to be taken advantage of.

While your suit and shoes are certainly important, the right watch is the best surefire way to communicate your status and style.  And it’s also a pretty good way to reward yourself as you work hard to reach each new rung on the ladder. 

1. Your First Job – Tissot T-Classic

When you’re fresh out of college, it can be hard to start dressing like a professional grownup.  After all, just a few months ago you were wearing sweatpants and flip flops to class.

But now that you’re in a swanky downtown office, it’s time to up your style game in a serious way.  And the Fossil watch you got for your high school graduation just isn’t going to cut it in the board room.

To get you started, we like Swiss watchmaker Tissot’s traditional T-Classic model.  Starting at around $300, this won’t set you back too much if you aren’t quite making a CEO-level salary yet.  It’s the perfect entry level watch in that its look has a timeless style that won’t make you look like you’re trying too hard.  But, because it’s still a recognizable Swiss-made brand, it has status. 

2. First Promotion – Raymond Weil Tango 300M

OK, so you’ve put in a couple years on the bottom rung and your hard work has been recognized and rewarded.  When your boss calls you in to let you know you’ve got a new job title and a nice little salary bump, it’s time to celebrate.

After you replace that tired, stained sofa, you deserve to treat yourself to a new watch that reflects your elevated role.  You want something nice that won’t break the bank.  We’ve got the perfect piece – the Raymond Weil Tango 300M.  It’s definitely a step up from the Tissot, but for under $1000, it’s still a reasonable purchase.

With a stylish stainless steel band, available with grey, white or blue dials, this timepiece will catch your boss’s eye and make it clear that you’re in the slightly bigger leagues now. 

3. Managerial Role – TAG Heuer Aquaracer Chronograph

We all know that there’s nothing like bossing other people around to really feel that you’re working your way up in the world.  When you start managing a few underlings, it means your superiors trust you and believe in your future there.  And when this happens, it’s important that you look the part.

With your new managerial salary, you can join the likes of Steve McQueen and Leonardo DiCaprio and get yourself a TAG Heuer Aquaracer Chronograph for under $2500.  The brand sells nothing but Swiss watches of the highest caliber, so just sporting the name on your wrist will go a long way in showing your superiors that you’re one of the big boys now.

4. Senior Management – Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

Once you establish yourself as being able to manage a small team, you’ll be given much bigger reigns and it’ll be clear that you’re a man to be reckoned with.  Along with your new title, you’ll probably get a bigger office and maybe even your very own parking spot.  So, it only makes sense that your outside appearance should reflect this career upgrade. 

After you’ve popped a bottle of champagne and enjoyed a lobster dinner, you should look into becoming an Omega man.  Go with the Speedmaster Moonwatch. Not only is it sleek and professional, it's a collector's timepiece.  Available with a sapphire crystal, which is best for durability, for $6250 or a hesalite crystal, which was the version that landed on the moon, for $5250. Let us help you select the right one for your lifestyle.

5. President - Breitling Navitimer 1 B01 Chronograph 43

This is it – getting this gig has been the reason for the late nights, the working weekends and the gray hair you’ve earned along the way.  At this level, all but one or two big shots are under you and you can effectively say that you’ve made it.  Now, you’re the one telling people to stay late so you can leave early for that concert or golf game. 

So, it’s time for the king of all luxury watches, a Breitling.  No, not a Rolex, which is much too obvious.  A Breitling is for sophisticated men with class who know enough to know that if they’re going to drop several grand on a watch, they want it to be the very best. 

The brand’s Navitimer is the iconic, aviation-inspired model that everyone will notice.  This is obviously the watch of the guy in charge, and those who know watches will recognize it as such.  It has a complex face with 3 sub-dials and a slide rule that helps pilots calculate their flight patterns.  While it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll be flying a plane in it, the fact that you’d be able to puts this timepiece in a whole other league.

As your professional status improves, so should your personal appearance.  When you start out, it’s perfectly fine to sport a department store suit and generic accessories, but as your air becomes a bit more rarefied, it’s important that your look communicates a high level of taste and class.

With every new promotion, new office and new title, treat yourself to something something special that reflects each level of success.

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